Mariah Carey's Winter Wonderland

An Immersive Holiday Experience

CREATIVE DIRECTION + Environmental Design
Mariah Carey is one of the most iconic artists of our time, and also happens to be completely synonymous with the holiday season. Tasked with conceptualizing what a "Winter Wonderland" immersive experience could look like, we set out to tell a magical story about your journey through the holidays. The narrative was structured with 3 acts: Setting the Stage, Immersed in Spirit, and Celebrating the Music. We wanted it to feel like Mariah herself was welcoming you into her own magical world where the music and spirit merge to create a spectacular fusion. We also wanted it to feel connected to Mariah Carey without being an overload of branding for anyone who isn't a superfan. Below are a selection of renderings that were created for one of the many rounds of iteration and ideation.

Creative Director: David Fertik
Senior Designer: Tize Valente