Super bowl Music Fest

Three Nights of Music in Phoenix

CREATIVE DIRECTION + Environmental Design
2023 was the fourth iteration of Bud Light's Super Bowl Music Fest and it took place at the Footprint Center in Downtown Phoenix. This incredibly entertaining party took place over the 3 days leading up to Super Bowl LVII between the Eagles and the Chiefs. For the first time, we introduced an on-site connection between the NFL and the event by incorporating current and former NFL players like Nick Mangold, Budda Baker and Tua Tagovailoa, the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders, and including content from NFL Films. We also brought in a set of dimensional roman numeral letters to reinforce the connection between the two events. Backstage, we created a lounge that was specifically designed for influencers, celebreties and VIPs along with a customized VIP entrance. The team at the Footprint Center also created a photo tunnel that was used for artists and invited guests that we created digital graphics for.

Graphic Design: Sid Moro
Phoenix Suns Creative Director: Christopher Grasha
Photo Credit: Alive Coverage