Ascendis PHarma

Virtual Exhibit

Creative Direction | Design + DEVELOPMENT
As the exhibit house for Ascendis Pharma, Visual was tasked with developing a full suite of digital tools for Ascendis to use throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic in order to maintain their forward momentum towards launching FDA approved products. Spanning over the course of multiple shows, I led the design and development of 2 distinct environments for Ascendis to utilize at a variety of shows. The first example being more of a "realistic" environment drawing inspiration from the rounded and modern graphics within their branding. The second example being aimed towards kids and their caretakers with an emphasis on creating a fun branded environment.

Additional Design / Initial Concept: Porsche Jackson

“Our virtual offering was met with rave reviews from both internal and external stakeholders. I could not be more happy to have had this opportunity to work with Visual and highly recommend their expertise on all virtual solution needs.”
-Art G.
Director, Global Congresses & Meeting Planning